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Bitcoin is Good for Business!

Do you have a business? Take a look to see if your business can benefit from a Bitcoin strategy.

1. Extremely Low Fees

Compared to traditional payment networks (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.), Bitcoin is extremely cheap to use. With the Bitcoin lightning network, businesses do not have to rely on a middleman that takes a cut from their sales. Lightning transactions currently cost an average of 0.003%! This is, at a minimum, 500x cheaper compared to the alternatives.

2. Instant Settlement

The money is yours at time of payment. There is no escrow. You don’t have to ask anyone permission to access your funds.  Transactions are settled immediately. 

3. No Chargebacks

Due to the instant settlement, no one can take the money from you. No company, individual or government has the power to reverse a transaction or initiate a transaction on your behalf. If a customer has a problem, the power is in your hands, not theirs. 

5. No Fraud

It's impossible to commit fraud on the Bitcoin network. Every single transaction is audited and verified by thousands of computers around the globe. When you receive Bitcoin, you know that it’s real.

4. Easy Setup

Your business likely already has a phone, tablet, or computer. Even if the business does not have one of those devices available, all it really needs is a simple piece of paper with a QR code that directs payments to the business bitcoin wallet. 

6. Free Marketing

Bitcoiners want to support small businesses and spend their bitcoin. Any business that accepts bitcoin will immediately attract attention. With the help of social media and Bitcoin merchant maps, small businesses can obtain free marketing by simply accepting the best money ever created. It’s a win-win. You get more business, we get to spend our sats. 

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