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"BTC Sessions is geared towards helping you understand Bitcoin. Get the tutorials on wallets, hardware, security, exchanges and much more, as well as the latest news and industry interviews."

So much information here. Ben does a great job of walking you through all things Bitcoin, whether it's using hardware/software wallets, or simply explaining Bitcoin concepts in ways that are easy to understand. Make sure to subscribe, follow and support Ben as he provides value to everyone in the Bitcoin community.

Arman The Parman

A resource with an awesome mission: " bring on hyperbitcoinisation as fast as possible."

No shortage of information here. So many documents ranging from the simplest to the most complex Bitcoin concepts. There's also an awesome mentorship program where you have the opportunity to get 1-on-1 support to guide you on your Bitcoin journey. Click below to begin exploring.

Kinetic Finance

Julian describes himself as a "filmmaker & entrepreneur focused on making stories and educational content about the cutting edge of finance and the makings of monetary history" 

There's so much great content being made on his channel, from short clips on twitter to longer form videos exploring the history of money, how Bitcoin fixes our economic problems, and overall furthering Bitcoin adoption. 

Julian is an awesome follow. Be sure to keep tabs on what he's doing and share his videos with people that are willing to learn.

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